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Google Develops Smart Fabrics To Make Clothes Into Touch Screens. They Are Not Afraid Of Folding Or Washing.

- Jun 26, 2018 -

Google develops smart fabrics to make clothes into touch screens. They are not afraid of folding or washing.

Nowadays, wearable devices are growing rapidly into important markets. Smart rings, smart watches are countless, and many companies weave sensors and conductive devices into fabrics to test the wearer's movement, speed, heart rate, etc., but friends, you have imagined that when we wear a coat some day in the future After you wear the fabric, you can make a phone call and take a picture of the fabric, then you can listen to the music.

It sounds like a scene that will appear in cool science fiction movies, but Google has proved to be a reality. The smart fabric they've developed, in simple terms, is that Google is able to embed special yarns that can transmit signals and conduces into ordinary fabrics, using Bluetooth pairing to control your smart devices, such as what you can call on the sleeve.

  So this piece of cloth is not only similar to the "capacitance touch screen", manipulating electronic devices by clicking, sliding and other gestures, and can also set different gestures through the mobile APP to correspond to the different functions of your mobile phone, such as navigation, song cutting, and time for time, all of which can be carried out by different gestures. Control. More importantly, the fabric can be folded at will, and it is no problem to wash with the same fabric.

  According to Google, the smart fabrics they developed are mainly designed for those who are not easy to use their phones, such as cyclists and commuters. So, they pull on the jeans tycoon Levi's, making such an intelligent jacket, using smart fabric on the left hand cuff, supporting 8 kinds of hand gestures, such a riding posture, is it enough to pull enough to show the wind?2RD.com  

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