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Guipure Lace Used In Erdem X H&M

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Again, the fashion fans are looking forward to every year! Cheap fashion brand H&M are fixed with the designer launched a joint series in the second half of the year in recent years, this year the brand cooperation brand from Erdem, Erdem and H&M in popularity rise directly to a high position cooperation news release, the two sides will let people quite curious touch what kind of spark, and other products as recently complete figure finally released by the famous photographer, Michal Pudelka palm mirror design wonderful image in advertising can be a glimpse of this collocation, filming atmosphere exudes a unique atmosphere of England quite fascinating.

Most of the designs of dress used the fashion lace,including tulle lace,cord lace,guipure lace,etc.

Founded in 2005, the British brand Erdem has British Princess Kate and loyal fans, good to build elegant nobility with elegant printing and embroidery design, this time by the women's and men's series contains design, of course, the sign of the flower pattern, each with a single product almost all with meticulous flower pattern and lace, flounce and other elements, and with the leopard, plush and other materials, as we walked into the retro British tunnel. Accessories such as handbags, shoes and so on are made of gorgeous jewelry with exquisite jewellery. The list price is between $$25 to $350, which is much more than that of Erdem's family.

Let's see some pictures to feel

If you need the beautiful cord lace/guipure lace/tulle lace like the pictures shows,just contract us without deny.



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