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How Do Computer Embroidery Cloth Contract When It Is Embroidered?

- Apr 05, 2018 -

How do computer embroidery cloth contract when it is embroidered? Computer embroidered cloth is widely used in the current textile industry, usually in the clothing industry, shoes and caps industry, art industry (calligraphy and painting, etc.) and accessories. Although it is widely used, but slowly people find that the current computer embroidery sometimes there is a problem, that is, when the embroidery occurs when the contraction of the computer embroidery effect. What should we do to solve the problem of embroidery cloth?

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How do computer embroidery cloth contract when it is embroidered?

At the time of making the board, the first is to fix it, mainly using the vertical filling to fix the fabric of the embroidered cloth; also, it can be realized by using the embroidered shed. These two methods are all optional. When we are in computer embroidery, we can choose according to their specific needs.

There are two ways to embroider cloth on computer. One is using a high-tech home computer embroidery machine. You download an embroidered style that you like on the website, put it on the storage card, and then insert the storage card on the machine. The embroidery machine will automatically show the embroidered cloth you want. Another kind of embroidery machine is industrial embroidery machine. This embroidery machine has very high needles. It is suitable to embroider a lot of cloth. It is better to see, and now the market is basically made with this machine.

For the problem of computer embroidery, such as the problem of the above contraction, such as the need for rapid solution, can be referred to the above suggestions, so that the problem can be effectively avoided.

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