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How Much Does The Lace Dress Cost? How Do Brides Of Different Sizes Choose Lace Dresses?

- Jun 06, 2018 -

I. how much is the lace wedding dress

There is no standard price for lace wedding dresses. Is basically see you choose to buy or custom, if the custom price is more expensive, but the style is unique, can choose their favorite lace and fabric type and version, the price is in commonly several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. If the purchase price is generally around 1000-2500 yuan, but there are more expensive ones, do not blindly pursue, according to their own budget choices.

How do brides of different sizes choose lace wedding dresses

1. Small and exquisite bride

The petite and dainty bride is suitable for mid - and high-waisted wedding dresses. White gauze material wedding dress with waist discount, can increase slender feeling. Shoulder sleeve design to avoid exaggeration; Try to avoid the skirt of bridal gown bottom body to place too fleeciness, cause head light foot heavy and highlight a short figure. The pousled skirt is the best choice for a petite bride, making her appear more exquisite and lovely.

Tall, slim bride

The proposal chooses mutiple level, contain the skirt of large pendulum of lotus leaf edge, strengthen the plump feeling on the vision; You can also choose to tighten your chest. Want to avoid backless low bosom design, can choose to contain adornment tall collar or stand collar. In particular, the wedding dress with fishtail shape on the bottom can extend the figure more.

A plump bride

You can choose a wedding dress with a simple line cut to make you look much slimmer. The design of waist and skirt pendulum avoids complex design as far as possible, with simple best. Opt for a low neckline and a v-neck for a longer frame. Don't go for a turtleneck and try to avoid thick accessories.

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