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How To Cut The Cutting Fabric

- Jun 09, 2018 -

How to cut the cutting fabric

How to cut the location of the flower fabric? The so-called positioning flower fabric, in fact, it is a kind of printed fabric, is made in accordance with a certain number of rules, but not every part of the color is the same type of fabric. For example, for example, for example, the cloth that specializes in large pendulum skirt, only one side is flower, other places are clean and no pattern, this kind of professional person is generally called horizontal positioning flower, and one kind is called vertical positioning flower. Vertical positioning of flowers is a circular pattern every other period, and there will be a blank part in the middle.

How to cut the cutting fabric


Because the pattern of the cloth is not always the same, it has a different taste than the neat fabric, which can make a very interesting dress if it has a designer to design it.

How to cut the location of the flower fabric? Teach you the specific steps to cut the location of the fabric

Step one: the positioning flower cutting is like our rag cloth, especially the step of the cloth. Be sure to pay attention, the cloth can not be elastic. If there is an elastic cloth, it is necessary to print the pieces, so the elasticity is easy to go up and down, the hand gestures of the cloth should be paid attention to, relax and pull, or simply do not. Pull, change to gently sweep, aimed at the upper and lower flower type, upper lower alignment nail positioning, if we do splice flower type, remember to keep the stitching position in the printing.

Then we must nail the nails. We must pay attention to every nail.

The upper and lower cloth will have the cut position, so we must keep the cutting position to ensure that the upper and lower patterns will not be misplaced.

How is it is not very magical, do this degree is not a day and two days, to be careful and patient, but also through a long time to try, temper, and even if the teacher's words, it takes one or two days to do well.

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