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How To Distinguish Between Different Silk Fabrics

- Jun 02, 2018 -

How to distinguish between different silk fabrics? The classification of silk in the whole silk industry has not been a unified way of division, but for thousands of years of silk culture, people have been accustomed to using their own way to distinguish the types of silk. Of course, the classification of silk is restricted to silk silk, and man-made fiber and silk are not included. People who work longer hours prefer to distinguish silk in several ways, such as uses, processing methods, and surface dyeing. But it is always complex and difficult to understand, and it is not common in life. So today we only make a quick and simple distinction between the silk silk, which is common in life, and understand the different features of silk weaving and forming.

How to distinguish between different silk fabrics


Our usual clothes and silk are mainly divided into four categories, satin, crepe (Zh, U), yarn and spinning.

1, real silk satin - noble and elegant

There are two kinds of silk satin, pure silk crepe satin and silk elastic satin. Silk crepe satin is a classic and most widely used silk fabric. It is often used to make pajamas, shirts, trousers, scarves, bedclothes and so on. Silk elastic satin is based on silk crepe satin. It gives fabric elasticity and makes fabrics stronger and stronger. They are often used as cheongsam, shirts, trousers and so on.

Satin fabrics, tight texture, delicate and soft touch. There are positive and negative sides, the front is smooth and delicate, the luster is natural, the fabric appears noble and elegant. The reverse is matte, with straight textured crepe.

2, silk crepe - natural and low-key and implicit

Crepe fabric, silk crepe de chine is one of the most important fabrics, and is also widely used in women's clothing in recent years. It is mainly used for many women's silk dresses, such as dresses, shirts, skirts and T-shirts. In addition to pure silk crepe de Chine, crepe fabrics include silk elastic crepe, silk elastic double bridge and so on.

Silk crepe fabric is comfortable, breathable, light in texture, soft in touch and good in falling. Silk wrinkles have no positive and negative sides. They belong to matte fabrics. They are natural, low key and restrained.

Silk silk elastic double Joe also followed the low-key temperament of silk double Joe, the luster is natural, does not publicize and not too low key, the cloth surface is smooth, the grain is clear and easy to see.

3, silk yarn - the beauty of lightness and elegance

Silk yarn contains two kinds of spun yarn and Eugen yarn. Silk chiffon and chiffon are made of ripe silk. They are light and soft. They are mainly used for making silk, long skirts, dress and so on. Eugen yarn is made of raw silk, and its texture is stiff and stylish. It is the main fabric for making wedding dresses.

4, silk spinning - dark dumb, soft and flexible

Silk spinning mainly refers to the real silk power spinning. Silk electric spinning is one of the most widely used silk fabrics. It can be used as an inner garment for all kinds of garments and also as a garment for outdoors. In decoration, curtains, silk wallpaper, silk hand-painted, silk screen and so on can be made.

The power spinning is compact and has no positive and negative sides. Its luster is soft and its color is dark and mute. It feels soft and pleasant, and has good light shielding.

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