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Introduction Of The Lace Fabric

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Lace fabrics and lace fabrics are mainly used in the following categories: 1 spring wear: nylon, cotton, polyester, and other medium thickness fabrics. 2 summer wear: nylon or polyester based thin fabrics. 3 winter wear: mainly nylon, cotton, polyester, and then compare the fabric with spandex. 4 underwear: mainly made of nylon and high elastic fabric. It is an indispensable material for sexy underwear.

The use of lace fabrics is very wide. It can cover the whole textile industry. All textiles can be added with some beautiful lace elements.

Chinese name lace fabric foreign name LACE classification spring clothing autumn wear

brief introduction

Lace fabric is divided into elastic lace fabric and elastic lace fabric, collectively referred to as lace fabric.

The ingredients of elastic lace fabric are spandex 10% and nylon 90%.

The composition of the non elastic and lace fabric is: 100% nylon. This fabric can be dyed in a single color.

100% polyester. This fabric can be dyed in a single color.

85% cotton +15% nylon. This fabric can be dyed with a single color

65% nylon +35 polyester. This fabric can be dyed with two colors, that is, two dyes.

Lace fabric is permeable because of its light texture and elegant and mysterious artistic effect. It is widely used in women's body clothing.


The lace fabric is divided into 2 types according to the composition

1, elastic lace fabric (nylon, ammonia, nylon, cotton, etc.)

2, no elastic lace fabric (all nylon, polyester, cotton, polyester cotton, cotton, etc.)

The lace fabric is divided into the following types according to the process.

1, jacquard fabric


3, 241 fabric

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