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Keqiao Textile Fair 20: A Long Walk

- May 12, 2018 -

From 6 to 8 May, the International Convention and Exhibition Center of China Textile City, Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, ushered in a batch of new and old customers at home and abroad. After 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, the Keqiao Textile Expo has become the brand influence exhibition of "internationalization, specialization, marketization and informatization". Zhangjiagang excellent Clothing Co., Ltd. business manager Ding Juhong second times to Keqiao procurement, she saw the exhibition of "Sha Chau Printing and dyeing" and "Hua Fang Group", especially happy, previously in Zhangjiagang local no contact, now through the Keqiao Textile Fair contact. Last year, she found his favorite fabric at Keqiao Autumn Fair. The company attaches great importance to the Textile Fair this spring, led by the general manager Gao Ping, leading 4 business managers. They almost never pass every suitable fabric booth and collect a lot of material and fabric samples. As an "Iron Fan" of Keqiao Textile Expo, Jiangsu Sha Chau textile printing and dyeing import and Export Co., Ltd. has been exhibiting for more than 10 years.

Relying on China Textile City, the largest textile trading center in the world, in the past 20 years, Keqiao "textile blogger" has not forgotten the initial heart, the time strain, continuously improve the connotation, optimize the quality, for the development of China's textile industry to contribute unique strength, create a new cooperation and cooperation in the industry to share the new weather. 20 years of diligent seeking, 20 years of hard work hard work, Kahashi Hiro will not be expected, not only made a wonderful answer, but also created a new pattern of the whole industry chain of textile industry. According to statistics, this Spring Textile Fair three days entrance entrance up to 48015 people, compared with the last Spring Textile Fair increased by 20.4%, of which foreign buyers reached 7525 people, up 21.4% from the last.

For a long time


At 9 a.m. on May 6th, Keqiao's "spinning Expo people" were carefully prepared to produce a hot fashion feast. 2018 China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Accessories Expo (spring) opened the curtain at the China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the drizzle, buyers and visitors rushed to the exhibition hall. What is refreshing is that this spring fair will keep up with the trend of the year. This year's popular violet will become the theme tone of the pavilion.

The Spring Fair has 1392 booths and 540 exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 34 thousand square meters. Zhejiang red and green, Shaoxing Ding Ji, Shaoxing wood Lin Sen and other textile enterprises in the last fall, after the end of the Textile Fair was booked, Zhejiang Yongda needle, Henan nine textile and other enterprises from the standard booth to the special booth. Sino Thai Group's Xinjiang Fuli Zhen Lun Co., Ltd. and Bazhou Jinfu special yarn Co., Ltd. for the first time work together to make a fresh and refreshing special exhibition. Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile Industry Federation, and Ma Weiguang, the Secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee, came to China and Thailand during the visit, and listened to the introduction of Yuan Shantou, the director of the market director of Xinjiang. Yuan Shantou was very excited to recall this unforgettable moment. Yuan Shan said they paid attention to precision and effectiveness when choosing the exhibition; Keqiao, as an important textile industry cluster in the world, has a wide range of radiant surfaces in China Textile City, and the Keqiao Textile Fair is the first to participate in the exhibition, so it has been participating in the Expo for six years and has also established a branch in Keqiao, with 12 colleagues standing in Keqiao.

This year the special exhibition booth has increased to 93, and the overall exhibition is more fashionable. Suzhou Heng Yi first appeared at the special exhibition, and the company's head came to the scene. He hoped to win more overseas businessmen through the Keqiao Textile Fair's "going out".

Time is the test of the vitality of the Keqiao Textile Fair. There are exhibitors who work hand in hand. There are buyers who often come to see. Changzhou Ming Feng takes advantage of the "geographical advantage". The booth is located on the right side of the exhibition hall, showing all kinds of coarse wire mesh fabric and garment samples. Young and beautiful staff Xiao Chen introduced that they have participated in the Keqiao Textile Fair for five years in a row, especially for the good position of entering the door, and the harvest is quite good every year, so the Keqiao Textile Fair is an important exhibition of the two times a year of the company.

The category of Keqiao Textile Expo is comprehensive, and the application of new fabrics and new technologies has been well demonstrated, representing the direction of the development of the industry. Zhao Jiangpeng, general manager of Shijiazhuang Peng Fu Textile Co., Ltd. came to the Keqiao Textile Fair second times, and the Keqiao Textile Fair was a "bridge" that he considered the first choice to expand overseas business. Though far away, he did not want to miss the opportunity for the industry to exchange. He took the time to go to other booths to see the latest fabrics, and to provide reference for the company's product innovation.

At the Autumn Fair 2016, "cloth pier" appeared for the first time, becoming the "fresh blood" of Keqiao Textile Expo. "Cloth wharf" positioning is the "global textile trade service center", after nearly two years of global research, has already understood the overseas market, and led Shaoxing all, Li Zhuang, Hong Hao and other more than 40 Keqiao enterprises to overseas. According to the briefing, "cloth wharf" has carried out deep cooperation with the national fabric Museum, and is committed to making Chinese fabrics go to the world.

As a grand gathering of the industry, the Textile Fair has not only displayed the image of some excellent companies, won customers, but also laid the foundation for sustainable development. Many local exhibitors in Shaoxing indicated that the Keqiao Textile Fair was effective and their enterprises and Keqiao Textile Expo grew together. Zhejiang golden point Textile Co., Ltd. is a local high-end clothing manufacturer in Keqiao. It is favored by some international brands and sells for over 300 million yuan annually. Under the brand's big tree textile exhibition booth, merchants are coming. The company has been participating in the Textile Fair for many years, accurately docking the customers, and absorbing the advanced information of the fashion technology in the exhibition, and is more conducive to the design of the fabric.

Flying passion, industry striker practitioner


The development of Keqiao Textile Fair has played an irreplaceable role in stimulating Keqiao's industry, promoting the market and becoming internationalized in the past 20 years. With the Keqiao Textile Expo as the leading brand exhibition, the local convention and Exhibition pulling effect has been increasing year by year. As a county area, Keqiao's Convention and exhibition economy is developing vigorously.

Zhang Xian, vice president of the China Textiles Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, highly appraised the Keqiao Textile Expo. He believes that today's Keqiao Textile Expo has truly realized "the world textile sees China, the Chinese textile is in Keqiao". The Keqiao Textile Fair has been founded for 20 years. It has not been a simple product display, but it has developed into a complete industrial chain of the exhibition industry, led to the extension of the Keqiao textile industry chain, rammed the foundation of the industrial cluster of Keqiao, and laid an important position in the international textile industry. He hopes that Keqiao will join up with more international excellent fabric enterprises and become a window to display the world's textile and garment industry, and the Keqiao Textile Fair will be a forwards's practitioner.

Liang Rong, vice president of the China Federation of Commerce, visited the Textile Fair with great interest. She kept using her cell phone to shoot new fabrics and new exhibition booths. In an interview with the media, she said the exhibition, with a brand new popular violet color system, feels fresh and refreshing. She believes that the Keqiao Textile Fair has the advantage of industrial base, perfectly realized the combination of industrial chain, supply chain and ecological chain, and promotes the transformation of the traditional textile industry of Keqiao to the innovation driven technology industry, the green industry responsible for development and the fashion industry leading by culture. Today's Keqiao textile, actively building the Middle European dream factory, blue print fashion town and other quality projects, and the quality of China, creative Chinese concept closely combined, is the deep docking of the textile industry and fashion ideas, but also a new trend in Keqiao development, a new image of the city's new display.


At the Keqiao Textile Expo, foreigners can be seen everywhere. Shamir, a buyer from Lebanon, went straight to Keqiao to go to the Textile Fair. In recent years, he has come to the Textile Expo every year, and he can recognize new customers and choose more affordable fabrics. This year's new and fashionable fabric makes him dizzy. In a moment, more than 10 materials are selected. He has more than 10 perennial suppliers in Keqiao. This time he plans to find new customers at the Textile Fair.

Wang Shuangdi, the operation director of Nanjing Yingshan red costumes cosmetics Co., Ltd., came to the Keqiao Textile Fair three times as a garment company specializing in the design of mature women's clothing. The main goal of "Yingshan red" is to find a partner for the production of high - end women's silk fabrics. The merchant has reached the intention of cooperation.


In the interview, many industry people believe that Keqiao's flourishing textile industry and highly developed market system provide a unique resource advantage and sustainable development power for the Textile Fair. "Leading the global textile trend, showing the charm of fashion technology, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a platform for supply and demand trade." This is the new interpretation of the Keqiao Textile Expo by Pan Jianhua, director of the Keqiao exhibition industry development office. He believes that Keqiao has the largest textile industrial cluster base in the world, and Keqiao has the right to speak in the fashion industry.

The textile industry itself is a fashion industry, a fashion creating industry. Fashion promotes the development and progress of textile industry, and technology supports fashion development. The Keqiao Textile Fair insists on the theme of "international, fashion, green and high-end". On the one hand, it shows the charm of the integration of "fashion" and "technology" in the textile industry, on the other hand, it is also a strict requirement for the self - height quality exhibition. Nowadays, fashion Keqiao has become the consensus of Keqiao people. Keqiao not only successfully issued the "fashion index", but also through the continuous "Keqiao Fashion Week", to improve the Keqiao fashion influence, the interpretation of Keqiao "international model" "fashion model". In the Spring Textile Fair this spring, the 2018 Keqiao spring fashion week was fully integrated into the Textile Expo. In the China Textile City Convention and Exhibition Center, the WGSN popular trend report meeting, the 2019 spring and summer Chinese women's clothing fashion trends dynamic release and the national top 10 textile fabric designers award ceremony and other activities. At the present Textile Fair, a series of professional activities, such as the opening ceremony of the Chinese European fashion dream factory and the China European fashion development forum, are also held.

"Heart, passion, passion" is Pan Jianhua's request for Keqiao's "spinning Expo". This year's Keqiao Spring Fair has been more intimate in supporting services, and has made further optimization and upgrading on the basis of maintaining the original quality exhibition service. For example, merchants will be able to enter the two-dimensional code to watch the exhibition quickly, enable the new electronic newsletter, the LED screen live broadcast of the whole city, the synchronous broadcast of mobile APP and the network platform, etc. The massage chairs in the rest area are often full, and massage for about 10 minutes gives customers a short time to enjoy.

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