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Knitted Summer Wear Fabric Has Increased

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Knitted summer wear fabric has increased

In recent years, the Chinese textile city traditional market with polyester filament as the main raw material for knitted summer clothing on the listing of flower type varieties continues to increase, the spot market continues to increase, some large-scale operation of the market has continued to increase on the spot, and the business of customers in different parts of the City has gradually increased.

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Summer half light FDY, light FDY, DTY thin knitted flat needle cloth, knitted T-shirt two sides, four face and deep blue, and other dyeing fabrics are large in local delivery, Shandong Jimo, Qingdao, Yantai and Jiangsu Yangzhou, Henan Zhengzhou and Zhejiang Ningbo, Cixi, Yiwu etc. Half light FDY, no light FDY, DTY thin knitting flat needle cloth, knitted T - shirts, two sides, four sides of the city of Jiangsu Nantong, Rugao City, Linzi Town, there are small and medium batch delivery.

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Half light FDY, no light FDY, DTY thin warp knitting shoshashi door 160CM, 180 grams / square meters of red, purple red, light red, Lake orchid, shallow blue and other parts of the color and lustre are still small and medium volume.

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Pure cotton 30S knitting frame sweat cloth, T/C polyester cotton 32S knitting frame sweat cloth, CVC30S knitting frame sweat fabric color fabric local best seller, black and white spaced coarse strip, black and white spaced thin strip, black bleach sky blue interval thin strip, blue white spaced coarse strip, blue white spaced thin strip, yellow green interval coarse strip, yellow green interval fine strip, purple red rice yellow interval coarse strip It is popular that the fabric of purple red rice yellow interval, special black and light grey interval coarse strip, special black light grey interval thin strip, special black deep yellow spaced strip, special black deep yellow spaced thin strip and so on.

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The multipurpose of the summer thin T-shirts, swimwear and sportswear with polyester filament knitting machine knitted weft knitting machine has been expanded, especially in 118DFDY knitted printing, the spot number of T-shirts in two sides of the two sides of the knitted printing is obviously increased in the early stage. 118DFDY knitted printing two sided projectile T - shirt cloth all over the domestic demand merchants to deal with the obvious increment, the middle-aged and the elderly need the flower type fabric small batch of many varieties of transaction day by day, some foreign trade merchants have opened the market for the earlier period, to the current deal more amount, part of the type of additional type of additional subscription has increased. 118DFDY knitted printing two sided elastic T - shirts 1 - 50 thousand meters have increased in volume, the purchase of foreign trade garment factories have increased more, foreign trade direct demand batch is also more than the earlier increase, 118DFDY knitted printing two sided projectile T - shirts in serial daily sales have been ranked in the traditional market knitted fabric.


118DFDY knitted printed two-sided T-shirt has been on the increase for several days, showing a certain trend of increase compared with the previous period. 118DFDY knitted printing two sided projectile T - shirt on the spot on the stock market obviously increased, part of the large-scale operation door market variety volume increased, sales showed a certain increase trend. Part of the large-scale operation of the door market part of the style refurbished and creative counterpart fabric is more popular, some of the better fabric with a lot of customers who do not get the goods are still waiting for the goods. Some of the printing and processing enterprises, the former factory type of solid cloth company or the scale management door of the latest research and development of new type of flower fabric to occupy the market advantage, batch order send gradually increase.

In the past few days, the long fiber 118DFDY knitted two sided projectile T - shirt printing cloth most of the flower style also have the market, the sale is very good, the 118DFDY knitted printing two sides projectile T - shirt cloth, because the price is lower than the 118DFDY knitted printing four sided projectile T - shirts, some of the customer batch and batch increase correspondingly. The series of fabrics has been locally traded for several days.

In the near future, the four side t-shirts for polyester swimsuit knitted fabrics are still limited because of the listed flower style. The stock market is still relatively limited, the daily turnover is mainly in small quantities, and the transaction is intermittent.

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