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Lace Fabric Knowledge Large Collection.

- May 24, 2018 -

Lace is a foreign product. Mesh tissue, first hand-knitted by crochet. Europeans and americans use a lot of clothes, especially evening dresses and wedding dresses. In the 18th century, European court and aristocratic men were also used extensively in the cuffs, collar and stocking.

The origin of lace

The floral structure of lace was not obtained by knitting or weaving, but by twisting yarn. In Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, lace was used as a source of income for individual artisans and as a means of leisure time for aristocratic women. At that time, the demand for lace was so great that the work of lace workers was very tiring. They often worked in the moldy basement, and the light was weak, and they could only see the spinning wheel.

Since John Heathcoat invented the lace loom (patented in 1809), lace manufacturing in Britain has entered the industrial age, which can produce very fine and regular hexagonal lace. The craftsman only needs to weave the figure on the net, this kind of net is made of pure silk. Years later, John Leavers invented a machine, this machine use French principle of jacquard loom can produce lace pattern and bud silk net, and it also laid the Nottingham tradition of lace. The Leavers machine is very complex, consisting of 40,000 parts and 50,000 lines, and needs to work from different angles.

Today some very good lace companies are still using Leavers' machines, and Karl Mayer has introduced warp knitting machines like Jacquardtronic and Textronic to produce Leavers lace, but more economical, sophisticated and lightweight. Synthetic lace skirt yarn such as rayon, nylon, polyester and spandex also changed the nature of the lace, however, to the quality of the production of bud silk yarn must be very good, twist number higher than used to knit or woven yarn.

Composition and classification of lace.

Lace use nylon, polyester, cotton, rayon as the main raw materials. For example, with spandex or stretch yarn, elasticity can be obtained.

Nylon (or polyester) + spandex: common stretch lace.

Nylon + polyester + (spandex) : it can be made into a double color lace, which is made from different colors of brocade and polyester.

Polyester (or full polyamide) : it can be divided into single filament and filament. Filament can imitate the effect of cotton.

Nylon (polyester) + cotton: it can be used to make a different color effect.

Generally speaking, the lace in the market is generally divided into chemical fiber lace, cotton lace, cotton lace, embroidery lace and water dissolve lace. Each lace has its own characteristics, and their advantages and disadvantages are different.

Advantages and disadvantages of lace

1. Chemical fiber lace is the most common type of lace fabric, with nylon and spandex. The texture is generally thin and hard, and it may feel a little prickly if you touch the skin directly. But the advantage of chemical fiber lace is cheap, variety, color, and hard to break. The disadvantage of chemical fiber lace is that the hand feels bad, the za person, can not hot ironing, basically has no flexibility, can not be worn as the close-fitting clothes. And generally speaking, because of the reason of the cost of chemical fiber lace, it is often used in cheap clothing, so it can give people a kind of "cheaper" feeling.

2. Cotton lace is usually embroidered with cotton thread on cotton linings, and then cut out some of the lace. Cotton lace is also a common type, as can be seen in many clothes, elastic basic with cotton cloth. The advantage of cotton bud silk is cheap, not easy to break, can hot iron, feel good. But the drawback of cotton bud silk is easy to wrinkle, modelling is relatively little, basically only white. In general, cotton lace is a good alternative if you consider it in terms of cost, and you don't want to use a cheap, synthetic lace.

3. Cotton lace, as the name implies, is a lace made of cotton thread. Cotton lace is made of cotton thread, so the thickness is usually thicker, and the feel is generally rough. The advantages and disadvantages of cotton lace are similar to that of cotton lace. Cotton lace is a little more than cotton lace, it is a little more expensive, and it is not easy to wrinkle, but because it is thicker, it is not easy to fold and bend. In general, cotton lace is usually used on smaller lace and less noticeable.

4, embroidery lace is on a layer of gauze net, polyester cotton thread embroidery lace shape, then the contour is cut off because of the lining cloth gauze, so feel can produce change according to the hardness of gauze, but in general the soft gauze made of soft embroidery lace would be better. Compared to the above three, the advantage of embroidery lace is that the hand feels soft and smooth, not easy to wrinkle, can fold, the elasticity is better. The drawback of embroidery lace is that it can not be ironed at high temperature, with less modeling and easy to break. Generally speaking, the dress that has high requirement for softness and material is basically all use the embroidery lace, such as the lining of skirt and underwear etc.

5, water soluble lace is the lace pattern with polyester thread or viscose filament woven on a paper backing, after the completion of the use of high temperature water will dissolve interleaving paper, only the lace ontology, as the name of water soluble lace. Since water soluble lace has more needles than those of the above, it is also more expensive. The advantage of water dissolve lace is the feeling is very good, soft smooth, have slight flexibility, have burnish, have stereo feeling, modelling pattern is many. The disadvantage of water soluble lace is that the cost is higher, thicker, not easy to fold, and cannot be ironed by high temperature. Generally speaking, the clothing that works and material is better basically is to use water to dissolve bud silk, the water that makes a good work of water to dissolve is likely to reach a few tens or even hundreds of yuan/meter price.

Make & choose one and make.

Lace first appeared in the United States. The production of lace is a very complicated process. It is made of silk thread or yarn according to certain patterns. Unlike some traditional Chinese lace, it is hooked or embroidered. When making, you need to wrap the silk thread on top of a small piece of shuttle, each of which is about the size of your thumb. A less complicated pattern requires dozens or hundreds of small shuttles, and larger ones require hundreds of small shuttles. When making, put the design on the bottom, according to the pattern to use different knitting, knot, winding and other techniques to make.

A less complex pattern requires a skilled worker to take a month or more to complete. Because the method of knitting is different for each individual, the lace work is usually done independently by one person, so each lace is unique. Usually, when the lace is finished, it will be dyed, and the high lace will be dyed first. These handmade lace are used in some high fashion or royal household articles, which are rarely seen by ordinary people. Bud silk products due to taking fine line, adopt the method of global limited production, each batch of bud silk products to be registered, and sold out, won't produce, so in a foreign country, favored by aristocrats. The so-called "lace" used in clothing refers to various kinds of lace, which are mostly made by machines. Secondly, when choosing lace underwear, it is of course the first to wear comfort. Therefore, in all kinds of women's underwear style, more attention should be paid to the position of the crotch and the position of the buttocks and the personal size and skin color.

Use pure cotton breathable material or super ultrafine fibrous material to make plain lace small underwear, become the best collocation that wears the fitting dress. In addition, when choosing lace small underwear, also want this kind of the assurance that the buttock aesthetic feeling that wears lacy underwear reveals.

General dresses made of lace fabric cost price in 50 yuan to 80 yuan, plus artificial, freight, packaging, the degree of fine workmanship, the profit of manufacturer, sold on the market price is in 100 yuan - 200 yuan between. The cost of lace clothing is between 35 yuan and 60 yuan, and the market price is 80 yuan ~150 yuan. The cost of lace underwear is 15 yuan ~30 yuan, the market price is 50 yuan ~80 yuan. The price is for reference only, the actual price is based on clothing sale price.


White bud silk, can choose the dress, if it weren't long skirt, the kind of, don't choose over-the-knee over-the-knee white lace skirt, will let you of the age increased a lot, very old, very not good-looking. At the same time, your hair style, don't take care of too neatly, it looks like the square.

Black lace, do not match, the silk stockings of lace, the whole is black, not very good looking, look will have some soil gas.

Lace collocation, to the requirement of accessorize is to be as simple as possible, excessive accessories can make the whole look trifling.

Lace long skirt, can choose irregular bottom to place asymmetrical, enhance a layer to feel, but if be above the skirt of the knee above, choose regular below the pendulum, eccentric style is not good.

Many star players have their own way of dressing, which is really unique, nude color with black lace, very attractive. Lace dress pants, handsome and flicker this woman characteristic sex appeal. The white lace of low-waisted retro design, which brings you back to the 1920s, is also highly recommended.

Washing & maintenance

Lacy washing: the lace is made from 100% polyester or half polyester cotton, and should not be put into the washing machine. If you are cleaning your lace clothes at home, you must put the lace in your laundry bag and wash it with a neutral detergent. But a senior lace products, or of large-area bud silk dress, preferably to cleaners or must be washed by hand, after washing with low temperature iron will wrinkles in lace, so that the ductility of lace is ok, just can keep the lace pattern is not twisted.

1, clean the lace to use a mild soap or special cleaning delicate texture of textile cleaner, not can use concentrated detergent, bleach of fabric damage larger cleaning agents, such as the cleaning agent can affect the stability of the color, wrecked my good products.

2. Before cleaning, spread the towel in the sink, and then use the towel to remove the lace. This will prevent the lace from breaking.

3. Wrap wet lace in a towel to absorb moisture, then spread them on the table to dry naturally. Maintenance of lace: 1. Do not store lace clothing in damp and unventilated places, so as to avoid the appearance of plaque and discoloration;

2. Avoid the direct contact with silk fabric by chemical agents such as desiccant, cosmetics and perfume; If accidentally touched, should be cleaned in time, otherwise easy to cause silk fabric to turn yellow and black;

3. When hanging in the closet, you must choose to hang on a glossy coat hanger to avoid putting together with rough and hard clothes to prevent the lace from breaking. The clothes hanger of lace sleeves is hung up, it is better to choose cloth to make clothes rack, or wrap the two ends of clothes rack with small towel, the sleeve will not be deformed or not easy to hook silk;

4, part of the lace fabric straight into the elastic fibers, elastic, make clothes but not too strong or tighten the elastic fiber for a long time, this will make the elastic muscle loss in the fiber, will be out of the clothes; If the lace clothing has this phenomenon, the elastic tendon can be cut off, will not affect the appearance of the clothes.

How to distinguish lace fabric is a hollow fabric. Lace cloth is a bit like jacquard. Good bud silk fabrics, feel to feel smooth, do not tie hand, poor lace fabric, feel is hair astringent and rough feeling.

Because of the composition of the lace as long as it is polyamide, so can also use the burning property of nylon to distinguish lace. Because polyamide fiber was not a natural one, is through chemical synthetic, so if you are close to the lace, the flame it tightly curled and melting speed is very fast, to a certain degree of burning, immediately speed is very fast; In the process of combustion, the flame is white and blue, and the molten material is white gelatinous, which melts in flame and bubbles. When burning, there is no flame, and when you leave the flame, it is difficult to keep burning. Burning lace, when the flame goes out cooling, you can see the light brown melt, and the hand-rolling is not easy to break.

Lace is suitable for cutting what style of lace fabric USES is very wide, can cover the whole textile industry, all textiles can join some beautiful lace elements, lace is suitable for any style clothes clipping, so to speak. But the lace fabrics are usually are used as supplementary material in the clothing, because it has a finely crafted sense of luxury and reflect the characteristics of romantic breath, now as the frequency of the main ingredient is gradually rising. If the lace fabric is used as a supplementary material, it can be used in any style. Now a lot of dress class is often used to lace, commonly used in straight or with small trailing on the style, or cover on the other fabrics, can reflect the bride and exquisite shape at the same time, more show elegant and romantic and elegant. Lace fabric is light and thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, widely used in women's intimate clothing. Because bud silk fabrics is thin and thin, even the design that is multi-layer can not feel very thick, also can give a person a kind of cool and refreshing feeling at the same time. And as long as the design is added to lace will have a sweet and romantic feeling.

Lace from the original manual knitting lace, to the ornament adornment of the clothes, and then to dress fabrics, or magnificent pure, coquettish and sexy, in short lace now is no longer a simple clothing decoration, it has its own unique charm of personality, not only became the modulation the sweet fragrances of summer scent of a woman, is also the carrier of a representative female glamour.

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