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Lace Fabric Soft Texture

- May 03, 2018 -

1.Soft and soft texture.Lace Fabric  High-grade composite lace fabric feel is quite comfortable, while the poor quality fabric will give people a kind of edgy particle feeling, very handle;

2.Lace fabric density is relatively high, wear in the body has a good cold wind effect, even in winter wear lace, will let you in a warm state;

Lace Fabric

3.Fabric wear resistance is Lace Fabric stronger, even after a lot of washing, will not wrinkle the ball;

4. the color of the lace fabric is better, give a person a kind of vision high-end atmosphere on the level of feeling, made of clothing fabrics quite gorgeous elegance;

5.The pattern of flower patterns is complex and changeable. Thanks to the development of technology, the variety of lace fabrics is now a dazzling assortment. Lace Fabric Therefore, different floral patterns of the lace fabric ups and downs and the sense of density are different. Lace Fabric But they are generally not high in the distribution of surface texture, relatively flat.

Lace fabric usually refers to embroidered fabrics, also known as embroidery fabrics; At present, lace fabrics are usually used as accessories in clothing, because of its exquisite carved luxury and reflect the characteristics of romantic flavor, now as the main ingredient of the frequency has been gradually rising. Generally used in small trailing or straight body style, covering other fabrics above, can reflect the female exquisite figure. If the lace fabric as accessories, you can use in any style.

Lace fabric According to its type characteristics can be divided into elastic lace fabric and inelastic lace fabrics, collectively known as lace fabrics. The main components of the elastic lace fabric are: spandex and nylon; (the usual ratio is spandex 10% + nylon 90%). Lace Fabric The composition of the Elastic Lace fabric is: 100% nylon; This kind of fabric can dye a single color. If 100% polyester is used as the material, the fabric can be dyed in a single color. If it is 85% cotton +15% nylon, then this fabric can dye a single color, if it is 65% nylon +35 polyester. This fabric can dye two colors, that is, color.

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The use of lace fabric is very wide, can cover the entire textile industry, all the textile envy can add some beautiful lace elements. Lace comparison is thin! Lace Fabric Even multi-layer design will not feel very heavy, thin reasons will give people a cool feeling, and this design is biased towards the sweet feeling! Lace fabric due to material texture light and transparent, Lace Fabric with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, is widely used in women's intimate clothing.

The suitable style of lace fabric is generally used in straight body or with small trailing style, covering other fabrics, can reflect the bride exquisite stature, if used as accessories, any style can be used. The approximate price of foreign countries, especially French lace is quite high, domestic lace is much cheaper, the overall price is also moderate or partial.

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