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Latest Wedding Lace Design

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Princess type: also known as A word skirt, Wedding Lace is a more classic wedding style. With vertical neat lines cut, upper body fit, hem gradually wide, suitable for a variety of body shape.

Peng skirt type: upper body fit, waist tightened, Wedding Lace very full of skirt, generally with a stereotypes with a petticoat. Because people have the feeling of the princess, so it is the most popular style.

Personal style: very modern wedding dress, Wedding Lace can highlight the body beauty. According to the body curve tailoring, no petticoat, style is very simple. Material on the choice of rich sense of drape silk yarn, crepe and so on. More use of narrow pendulum design, or in the calf to join the fish tail pendulum design.

High waist line: chest fit, A-shaped skirt, with a high waist, Wedding Lace to fully display the chest, shoulder lines, while the lower body has a very good self-cultivation effect.

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Through the female body curve, Wedding Lace thin, through, dew, soft, smooth, light, dignified, subtle, hazy and other characteristics of the human body. Wedding dresses, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, Wedding Lace wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, Glassbeads Embroidery Wedding,Wedding Lace Puff Sleeve Wedding, Princess Marriage, Body Marriage, High Waist Wedding.

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Wedding dress with exquisite clever embroidery, embroidery, Wedding Lace headdress, pendants, waist decoration, Dingzhu, mosaic, Louhua, neck, shoulder strap, vertical fold, button, buckle, zipper, hand painted, Pleated, Pleated, Patchwork, Piece,Wedding Lace Belt, Flowers, decorative leaves, pearls, spikes, fish bones, crowns, sequins, gemstones, gauze, yarn, feathers, flower buckles and other processes or accessories. Profile profile lines simple, clear, pay attention to local details of the design.

Can be selected according to different nationalities, Wedding Lace geography, culture, red, orange, yellow, navy blue, turquoise blue, emerald green, navy green, teal blue, purple,lilac,gray, black, white, gold, Wedding Lace silver and other different Colors.

Wedding style, fabric and bridal characteristics for the wedding of the factions are divided into: minimalist, romantic, gorgeous, elegant.

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Minimal lines are often the most able to express the characteristics of people who dress, Wedding Lace how to use simple lines to emphasize their own advantages, Wedding Lace is a minimalist school asked. Superb cut and high-grade fabric is a very simple place, it can be very good reflects the grade and quality of the wedding, so that the bride in the crowd stand out. A girl with a strong sense of independence.

When it comes to marriage we immediately think of "romantic" the word, Wedding Lace how to create a romantic and romantic style on the wedding it? Hollow lace lace, decorated with a small floral transparent folds, multi-level loose skirt, drag the veil. Are the perfect embodiment of romantic style wedding. Suitable for the culture of the strong girl.

It is undeniable that the gorgeous style will always make people shines, Wedding Lace but in the presentation of gorgeous but also highlight the noble, so pay attention to the gorgeous style with the basic principles. Complicated hand-sewn with cascading fantasy skirt, Wedding Lace this French palace-style wedding, you can be the bride of the gorgeous atmosphere of the big show.

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