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Select The Lace Composite Fabric Notes

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Select the lace composite fabric Note: Observe the pores

True leather surface has a relatively clear pore and pattern; the pores of artificial leather are imitation and not clear; the pores of the ox leather are round. The pores are evenly and tightly spaced, irregularly arranged on the leather surface, and the pores on the edges of the sheep's leather are arranged into fish scales.

Select the lace composite fabric the attention of the two: smell

As long as the dermis fabric will have a smell of leather; artificial leather is a pungent plastic odor and touch the hand, the dermis is comfortable, plump, smooth and flexible, artificial leather is the feeling is rigid, hair, hair hard.

Selection of lace composite fabric the attention of the three: Combustion method

Composite fabric torn off a small piece of burning, hair smell, not knot is genuine leather, pungent flavor and knot is the artificial leather.

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