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Shu Embroidery Is Listed With Gold, Silver, Gold, Pearls And Jade

- Jul 06, 2018 -

The development of shu embroidery is based on the rich land of shu, especially the high quality of silk and silk. Earlier today to see shu embroidery records out of the western han dynasty writer Yang, its "shu du fu" cloud: "kam cloth embroidery, mans mans xi no picture", and describe in chengdu is everywhere "flick brachial brocade", "exhibition silks embroidery", otherwise Yang xiong "embroidered fill" poem, the poem expresses the author highly praise of shu embroidery techniques. With the development of silk weaving industry in shu prefecture, shu embroidery had a solid foundation, so it became famous for its "women workers' industry and covering the world" (book of the later han dynasty) in the late western han dynasty. According to the literature records, the earliest emperor silkworms of the kingdom of shu in the eastern han dynasty already knew how to cultivate silkworms. At the end of the han dynasty, shu brocade was famous all over the world. As a rare and expensive silk fabric, shu used it to exchange war horses and other goods from the north. Qu qu of the state of huayang, written by jin chang qu, carries the treasures of shu in detail.

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