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Silk Fabric Classification

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Pure silk fabric is pure mulberry silk fabric, which is divided into thin, medium and thick type according to the weight of the fabric square meters. According to different post-processing, it can be divided into dyeing and printing. Its texture is soft and smooth, the hand feels soft and light, the design color is rich and colorful, wearing cool and comfortable. Mainly used for summer shirts, pajamas, dresses, fabrics and headscarves.

Pure silk fabrics can be divided according to the performance and organizational structure of silk surfaces:

1. Pure silk crepe: it is made of plain weave, with no twist and with two strong twist on the left and right of the weft.

2. Pure silk georgette: it is made of plain weave, with strong twist on the left and right sides of the warp and weft.

3. Pure silk blue crepe, with no twist and Sprite crepe thread (20/22dx3 plus S twist 1600T/m, 20/22d1, plus Z twist 1600T/m), is a fine, wrinkled fabric.

Silk - silk fabric: twisted, single-ply, tightly twisted, with straight lines on the silk surface.

5. Pure silk tafu: it is made of plain weave, dyed by weft and warp, with fine and crisp texture.

6. Silk power spinning: mulberry silk (tussah in silk), plain weave fabric.

7. Pure silk thin spinning: it is made of mulberry silk, with plain weave fabrics of 6m/m and below.

8. Silk spinning: the warp and weft all use the plain weave silk fabric.

9. Mian silk: plain textured fabric is used for warp and weft.

10. Double palace of pure silk: all or part of double palace silk fabrics.

11. Knot in one's heart: all or part of the use of knot in one's heart, bamboo silk, a knot in one's heart effect of the fabric.

Star print: fabric made from crepe.

Rib: a piece of fabric with a light horizontal stripe on one or both sides.

14. Yarn: all or part of a fabric with fancy twist or patchwork thread.

Article 15: a fabric with a horizontal stripe of silk.

Case: fabric with lattice patterns on the silk surface.

17. Cooling: the use of false yarn tissue to form a gossamer fabric.

Yarn-dyed: fabric made entirely or partially of silk.

19. Double-sided: a fabric having the same type of twill or satin weave on both the front and the back, using a triple weave.

Embossed: fabric with embossed patterns.

21. Yamagata; Application of hill or serrated twill tissue, showing obvious mountain or serrated patterns of fabrics.

Flowers: jacquard fabrics.

Manicure: cut jacquard fabric.

24. Lustrous: pure rayon with photoresist or semi-gloss copper ammonia.

25. Matt: pure rayon without light viscose or copper amines without light.

26. The flash is made of pure or interwoven filament yarns with light superluminal cross-section.

27. Bright light: pure or interwoven fabric of gold, silver and gold (aluminum) with a luminous effect.

Made of raw silk, not refined.

29. Special dyeing: warp or weft yarns adopt special dyeing techniques such as tie-dyeing, which have the effect of two colors and tie-dyeing.

30. Sutras: fabrics woven after silk printing flowers.

Tufting: fabric that has been tufted.

Velveteen: a fabric that has been made of vertical wool.

33. Kimono: the door width is below 40cm, or the entire frame is woven with open and shear seams below 40cm each for processing and special supplies.

Large: plain weave fabric with tussah thread for warp and weft.

A special silk tapestry made from a horizontal or other structure by crossing a broken (back) warp.

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