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Tang Shu Embroidery

- Jul 06, 2018 -

At the end of the tang dynasty, nanzhao attacked chengdu. Besides gold and silver, shu brocade and shu embroidery, it also raided a large number of shu brocade craftsmen and regarded them as rare and precious things. According to the records of yuan he county records, in tang dynasty, anjing embroidery entered the court as a tribute and became the main object for the emperor to reward his officials. During the five dynasties and ten kingdoms period, the relatively stable situation in sichuan created favorable conditions for the development of shu embroidery, and the increasing social demand stimulated the rapid development of shu embroidery industry. Up to song dynasty, shu embroidery has been all over China, the name of literature said shu embroidery techniques "poor workers" qiao, shu embroidery, its heyday at the end of the embroidery in the process, both production and fine degree are global

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