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Techniques To Sew Lace Fabric

- Mar 31, 2018 -

What is lace?

L- Lovely

A- Antique

C- classic

E- elegance

Lace is the most women favorite fabric.

It’s already popular in fashion design around a century.

What’ more, lace fabric is a delicate fabric.

The feminine lace fabric add nobleness to every garment.

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How to sew lace.

Before we start, let’s do some prepare.

Make sure you have the right tools for the following step.

The first one is some fine sewing pins

The second one is some sharp sewing needles.

It’s different to choose needles for different kinds of lace fabric. For example, you need to use the stretch needles for stretch spandex lace fabric.

The third one is a sewing machine.

Before you start to sewing the lace fabric.  It’s is important to lay out your lace fabric. what we need to do is  let it ‘stretch and breathe’.  Meanwhile you can think more of the best way to bring out all the finer points of this amazing  lace fabric. What’ more, Leave it overnight if necessary to let any wrinkles relax.

Being patience and planning is an important requirement for Sewing with lace fabric. But the final results will be very satisfying as you turn it into a beautiful lace outfit.

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For Sew Lace Fabric. There are three techniques for you to choose from.

Different techniques are depends on the type of lace you are working with:

Techniques for Sewing Lace

Firstly: Stretch lace will need a technique to cope with both the stretch and lace combination

Secondly: Sheer lace, which is very see through, will need a lining

Thirdly: Fully patterned lace may need to be partly lined

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