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The Characteristics Of The Imitation Leather Fabric

- Jun 11, 2018 -

The characteristics of the imitation leather fabric

What does the imitation leather mean? Is it good for the imitation leather fabric? The characteristics of the imitation leather fabric, the current imitation leather in the market, basically is the bottom of the leather face, the cloth face is positive, the imitation leather fabric produced in Keqiao is on the front, with a wide range of use, can be used in sofa, car seat cushion, car dashboard, bag, shoe, leather belt and many other fields.

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What does the imitation leather fabric mean? Is the imitation leather fabric good? The characteristics of imitation leather fabrics

This imitation cowhide fabric is made of calendering film. It is fine and smooth, with clear texture and no difference from real cowhide. The reverse is the bottom cloth suede, a thin layer of velvet feeling, comfortable skin, and a very good feel. Fabrics are mainly used for making belts, leather shoes, sandals, bags and so on. They are sold all over the world.

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