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The Common Types Of Fabrics

- Apr 14, 2018 -

The Common Types Of Fabrics

1) Woven fabric

Also known as woven fabric, it is a fabric formed by weaving the warp and weft together vertically. The basic organization has TABBY (plain) (twill), twill and satin (satin weave) three. Different woven fabrics are also made up of these three basic organizations and their varied organizations. There are mainly Chiffon  , Oxford cloth  , denim  , twill , flannel , satin (Damask) and so on.

(2)Knited fabric

The yarn or filament is made up of coils with the knitting needle, and then the coils are set together. Because of the coil structure characteristics of the knitted fabric, the amount of yarn in the unit length is more, so most of them have good elasticity. The knitted fabric is divided into one side and two sides. The main Jersey (Single Jersey) (velvet), velvet, bird eye fabric (birdeyes), mesh cloth (Mersh fishnet) etc.

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