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The Concept And Importance Of The Lace Fabric

- Jun 08, 2018 -

With the unprecedented development of high and new technology and the continuous updating of the aesthetic standards, the design of the lace fabric has become more and more demanding for creative innovation, which poses new challenges to the design methods and techniques of the lace fabric designers. The design of lace fabric is a design art subject that rationally and effectively uses the design elements such as style and color of lace fabrics.

However, the style and structure of the lace fabric have almost been excavated by the predecessors, and the innovation of the styling of the lace fabric has become a bottleneck. In this situation, the innovation of new lace and lace fabrics has become more and more important. The development of the lace fabric has become a major trend in the development of clothing, and has gradually become the main design direction of the lace fabric designers.

The lace fabric can be said to be the skin of the lace garment, and it can be called lace fabric that contains human lace fabric. Lace fabric is one of the three elements that make up lace garments, which determines the style and effect of lace garments. The color and pattern of the lace clothing are all reflected by the lace fabric. The style of the lace clothing is also guaranteed by the characteristics of the thickness, the weight and the drapability of the lace fabric. Lace fabric is the premise and basis of clothing creativity, color, modeling these can not be separated from the lace fabric and exist independently, there is a lace fabric to talk about color and modeling.


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