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The Cord Lace Asoebi Trend

- Mar 08, 2018 -

  The use of lace fabric for Nigerian wedding is a trend that has been around for a long time and keeps getting better with new styles.

  There are so many types of lace like the French, dry & Swiss lace etc but we would be looking at the one in vogue at the moment, which is the cord lace. 

  Cord lace is one of the fabrics that have taken over in the recent times. Both old and young women step out in grand styles in this fabric.

  The fabric is basically made of cotton but manufacturers have decided to add beauty to it by producing it in silk and rayon, and it is more comfortable than other laces because of its stylish designs and patterns.

1 (24).jpg

  Before now, laces were worn mostly during traditional weddings and it is usually the iro and buba style. But these days, a lot of people are beginning to make use of cord lace for asoebi. More recently, it is used to sew dinner gowns.

  Cord lace can be sown to fit any occasions irrespective of the location or time. It is one of the most elegant fabric or embroidered materials.

  However, for cord lace to be more appreciated, it needs to be matched with the right accessories, hand bags and shoes. The kind of accessories to be used alongside should be determined by the pattern and design. This can be tricky but when used in the right way and with the right accessories, it looks really good and will bring out the beauty of the lace. 

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