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The First Overseas Fabric Exhibition Hall In Keqiao Is About To Open In Milan, Italy.

- Jun 08, 2018 -

The first overseas fabric exhibition hall in Keqiao is about to open in Milan, Italy

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In the international fashion capital, Milan has set up the Keqiao textile fabric "base camp" to show the latest and most fashionable fashion original fabric products. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Keqiao District creative industry service center that Keqiao's first overseas fabric Pavilion, "Silk Road Keqiao Milan Pavilion", is about to be opened in Milan, Italy. At present, the exhibition hall has been completed, and the recruitment and screening of the fabric enterprises are being carried out.

Reporters learned that "Silk Road Keqiao Milan Pavilion" is located at 8 Farini street, Milan, which is a permanent exhibition hall with a total area of 500 square meters. The Malone Cheri Art Design Park of the exhibition hall belongs to the central section of Milan. The exhibition hall is divided into four parts of the exhibition hall, the seminar training area, the handicraft workshop and the Master Studio of the garrison, including the popular trend area, the new product research and development area, the spot sample area and the garment display area. The research and training area will unregularly invite domestic and foreign clothing designers, fabric designers, materials research and development experts, etc., and regularly hold various related lectures, salons, training, overseas events and other activities. "Based on the location of the pavilion, the selection of fabrics will highlight the characteristics of originality, new type and high technology content in environmental protection." The director of the exhibition hall told the reporter.


The establishment of the pavilion is designed to build a "container on the Silk Road" platform, which will show the most innovative and fashionable fabric products of the Keqiao textile industry through the platform, and attract overseas designers to explore the manufacturing technology of Keqiao textile material in Keqiao. Keqiao fabric in the hands of overseas designers, to explore the possibility of more different materials, and finally presents different styles and textures of textiles, to achieve the industrial transformation and upgrading of Keqiao, the use of industrial elements to Keqiao into a strong development of new impetus.

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