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The Many Uses Of Lace Fabric

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The Different Uses of Lace Fabric

What are some uses of lace fabric? Thanks to its mesh-like appearance, lace is often used in women’s fashion. From runway models to celebrities, many ladies love to wear clothing incorporating lace fabric elements. Indian women often have sarees (also spelled saris) utilizing lace. Sarees are strips of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine meters in length that get draped over the body in various styles-- like large scarves.

The lace look is considered both classy and delicate-- it has a feminine quality to it, so it’s more likely that women will gravitate to lace while men will not. Well, men will admire their brides in lace-laden wedding dresses as well as sexy lace lingerie, so there’s that…

Harper’s Bazaar magazine once proclaimed lace to be “fashion’s most romantic fabric.”


Interestingly, lace fabric is also used in home decor products such as curtains, lamp shades, and table cloths. Lace pillows have a charming, decorative look, while bedspread throws add that special touch to making a bed look prettier, softer and more inviting.

Clothing-wise, most women have owned, currently own, or will own items with lace fabric. This is pretty much a given. It’s ubiquitous, popular and beloved.

Please note that lace fabric outfits are dry clean only. When stored, they should be kept between a layer of blue-colored tissue papers to prevent yellowing.

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