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The Meaning Of Printing, Reactive Printing, Embroidery And Jacquard

- May 02, 2018 -

Printing: when the cloth is finished, the pattern is reprinted with reactive printing and pigment printing.

Active printing: relative pigment printing. Among them, reactive printing and dyeing is in dyeing and printing process, the dye active gene and fiber molecules form a combination, so that dye and fiber form a whole. The fabric has good dustproof performance, high cleanliness and high color fastness. The common saying is that the fabric of the active printing and dyeing looks like mercerized cotton, and the effect of the printing and dyeing is very good from the positive and negative two aspects; and the pigment printing and dyeing fabric feels stiff and looks a bit like the ink painting effect. Of course, the cost of reactive printing is also much higher than that of pigment printing and dyeing.

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Active printing has many advantages compared with pigment printing, such as good air permeability, excellent fastness and soft feel, but it also has many problems, such as tedious printing process, long process and difficult processing.

Embroidery: when the cloth is finished, the pattern is embroidered with machine. Compared with printing, it will not fade when washing. It has good breathability and moisture absorption.

Jacquard: fabric design refers to the fabric in the fabric, with different colors of yarn. Compared with the embroidery fabric, the cost is higher, it looks like a watermarked concave and convex texture, the texture is softer and delicate, the glossiness is better, the feeling is better, the air permeability is better, and the air is noble, it is the choice bed of many sample rooms. The first choice of the product.

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