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The New Type Of Polyester And Cotton Fabric Takes Up The Marketing Advantage

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The new type of polyester and cotton fabric takes up the marketing advantage

In the near future, there has been an increase in the number of counterpart merchants. The cotton textile market of China Textile City has increased the spot turnover and order delivery in the summer with T/C polyester cotton cloth, and the turnover has increased. Summer T/C polyester cotton Distribution Department, a variety of interactive, local sales smooth. The creative flower pattern fabric wins the new product, and the added value of the product is still boosted.


In the near future, the T/C65/35 polyester cotton blended yarn is 60S x 60S, 90 x 88 specification active printing embroidered cloth, T/C80/20 polyester / cotton blended yarn 45S * 45S, 110 x 76 spec active printing embroidered cloth and active printing cloth in some scale market. T/C65/35 polyester cotton blended yarn and T/C80/20 polyester / cotton blended yarn are used as the main raw materials for woven polyester cotton fabric, polyester cotton digital printing cloth, polyester cotton jacquard cloth, polyester cotton lousy cloth, polyester cotton cuttings, polyester cotton floral cloth and so on, which are mainly made of women's clothes, including dyed polyester cotton fabric, active dyed polyester cotton fabric, etc. A slight increase in quantity, the small and medium size and small batch of small and medium-sized variety of colour and lustre type collocation selection is more active, the transaction batch small increment, the daily sales volume slightly push up.

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