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The Origins Of Lace

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Lace first appeared in the United States. The production of lace is a very complicated process, it is according to a certain pattern of silk or yarn braided, unlike some traditional Chinese lace is hooked or embroidery. The production needs to be spared the thread on a small shuttle only, each shuttle only the thumb size.

A less complex pattern needs dozens of or nearly hundreds of such small shuttle, and then a larger number of patterns need hundreds of small shuttle, the production of the pattern in the following, according to the pattern of different editing, knot, around and other methods to make.

A less complicated pattern. It takes a skilled female worker one months or more to complete; Usually, when the lace is finished, it is dyed. And now the high-grade lace to be dyed first, these handmade lace, are used in some advanced fashion or the royal Household supplies, ordinary people rarely see, now the lace products because of the exquisite route, with the progress of science, lace clothing is now mostly machine production.

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