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The Reason For The Popular Of Lace

- Oct 18, 2017 -

As I know that Lace is a French invention, and one of the most famous type is French Chantilly lace. However, from the 17th century, Chantilly was not only produced in France, but Belgium also had a fairly good workmanship. Handmade lace is made by women workers to use threads as thick as hairs weaving totally by hand. It is said that a skilled worker need one hour to weave out lace which is just one square centimeters in size. Now lace is produced all over the world and you can see it nearly everywhere including wedding dresses.

Whether lace is good or bad is not judged by its hardness or softness. Generally speaking, French lace feels soft while British lace feels hard. Hard lace will have a very good performance in shaping the wedding silhouette, on the contrary, soft lace is widely used as tricks on white satin skirt.

At various stages of the 20th century, there is no longer the "lace golden era", but these years, lace comes back with fashion. From the beginning of summer, lace is coming with with a dash of seductive charm of graceful gesture, adding the midsummer night a touch of romantic and charming colors. The reason why lace is so popular till today is not because of its long and glorious history, but its sweet and graceful style. Lace decorations give people a fantastic feeling and most girls are dreaming of a lace dreamy wedding dress from a young age.

Lace also has a noble lineage, which needs superb skills in advanced customization, and now is used in haute couture. From the original hand-woven mesh lace to the decorative embellishment on the clothing, to the see-through dress fabric, lace is no more a simple garment decoration. Lace can be ornate innocent or coquettish sexy, and it has its own charismatic to be sweet fragrances of women. Lace is easy to wear always, women at different ages can all find out lace dresses which is suitable for them. There's no limit in wearing lace, and it's the combination of sweet, tender, mature and sexy. Whether as embellishment or the whole dress decoration, with proper use of lace decorative effect, lace will surely make you bloom refreshing scent of a woman.----take passages


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