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The Reasons Behind The Rising Tide Of The Dyed Plant

- Jun 15, 2018 -

The reasons behind the rising tide of the dyed plant

There is a basic understanding of the factors that affect the fabric price, although it is difficult to know the reasonable price of the partner's fabric on the surface, but the price of the fabric is based. We can make a rough judgement by the factors associated with the fabric pricing in the process of fabric production. The point is! What are the factors that affect the price of the fabric?


Cause of grey fabric

A. grey fabric is different from loom

There are three kinds of woven woven fabric, rapier woven fabric, jet woven fabric, and the shuttle machine because there will be a relatively large number of parking gear, so the price is the lowest, the rapier loom is less than the woven woven fabric, the parking gear is reduced, so the price is slightly higher, and the air jet loom requires a higher yarn. Cloth produced by air-jet looms is the best and the most expensive.

In short, the more complicated the manufacturing process is, the more expensive the fabric is. On the difficulty of weaving, in the three original organizations, such as: the whole cotton 40*32/150*78*63 "(1/1) weaving is difficult, if it is satin, it is less difficult to weave, if it is 2/1 twill, it is difficult to weaving. The coefficient of difficulty is arranged as follows: 1/1 > 2/1 > 2/2 > 3/1 > 5/3 satin, so that we can know the difference of fabric price between different organizational structures.


Different yarn for B.

Combing and combing, combing than carding cloth clean, dry clear, and cloth strength is better.

Different dyeing fees for dyeing printing

In different dyeing factories, the unit price of dyeing and printing fabrics is different. Why is the dye cost different?

First, the scale of dyeing plants is different. Generally speaking, the dyeing factories with large management standards will be a little higher than the small ones, which is of course the living space of small factories.

Second, the technical level of each dyeing plant is different. Of course, the dyeing fee of high level dyeing factory will be higher. The quality of the cloth is improved from the cloth gloss and the physical standards of the cloth.

Third, the influence of dyestuff, and the cause of a dyestuff, now the production of dye enterprises are also more, dyestuff choice is better, the chemical index of the fabric will be better, and now we all require the fabric environmental protection, especially the export of fabric, all the chemical components need to be detected, so the ring is not standard, so ring The high performance guarantee can ensure that the inspection fee will be higher and vice versa. Of course, there is no comparison between dyes, which is invisible to the naked eye. So in this piece of dyeing, there are 0.2-1.5 yuan.

The difference between tax free and tax

Generally speaking, like market, more cash transactions, used to report no tax price, and the company makes orders, will be more inclined to report the price of tax, tax without tax can be 3-10 percentage points, of course, this is based on the situation of each enterprise is different.

The difference between the way of packing and the freight

The packing method is generally fitted and rolled, and the packing will be slightly cheaper. Freight, some of our suppliers do not contain price quotations, and some are included in the freight charges, which will be different, so when you get a general understanding of it and not look at it in detail, it will feel a little different.

Different suppliers' profits

For large quantities of buyers, the general customers are expected to have relatively low profit margins. For smaller customers, the profits will be relatively high.

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