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The Treasure Of Shu Zhong: The Development History And Technological Characteristics Of Shu Embroidery

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Shu embroidery is the general name of embroidery products centered in chengdu, sichuan province. Shu embroidery has a long history. Together with shu brocade, it is called "the treasure of shu". On May 20, 2006, it was approved by the state council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Shu embroidery with soft satin and colored silk as the main raw materials, the needle method including 12 categories altogether 122 kinds, pay attention to "neat stitching feet, bright thread pieces, compact and soft, car home twist". Give full play to the specialty of hand embroidery and form a strong local style. Shu embroidery subject matter more for the flowers and birds, beasts, insects, fish, characters, landscape, varieties except pure appreciate quality embroidered screen and quilt cover, pillowcases, clothes, shoes, cushion for leaning on, tablecloths, scarves, handkerchiefs, painting, etc. It has both a large screen and a small pocket piece, which is both ornamental and practical exquisite works of art.

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