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Top African Lace Fabric Styles

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Do you want to find the best African lace material styles? Then this article is exactly for you. Here we will show you trendy lace dresses and outfits. These styles have been carefully chosen and was found to fully comply with the latest fashion trends in Nigeria! 


Why are styles of lace material the best option? Many African women prefer lace fabric because of the durability of the lace material and its ability to maintain its colour and texture for a very long time, unlike the other popular fabrics, such as Ankara and Guinea. So regardless of whether you are looking for the perfect styles with lace material for a wedding, birthday or other important event, these styles will definitely inspire you and transform your fabrics into beautiful art pieces!

Latest lace material styles


If you want to create a look that is both fashionable and suitable for office or everyday wear, try wearing a lace top or lace skirt. Make sure they fit comfortably, especially if you want to go to work wearing such an outfit. Fortunately, African lace styles include dozens of different options for tops and skirts for you to choose and they are perfectly match-able. Latest African lace fabric styles designs 2017 also include the official version of the one-piece lace suit, which is especially convenient for women who like to experiment with their style. Try a lace blouse and you can wear it with formal skirts for special occasions or with jeans for a more casual look. 

Lace material skirt and blouse styles


Lace blouses can be styled in different ways. Their sleeves may be short or long, also such blouses can be sleeveless. In case you want to complement your outfit with a bright coloured top, be sure to combine it with a lighter and a calm combination of colors at the bottom. Embroidery or any other embellishments on lace blouse will give a touch of elegance to your outfit. Lace blouses apparently a good choice for women who wish to look gentle and attractive. Some prefer to combine lace blouses with non-lace bottom, but you can wear it with a lace skirt. Many fashionistas lean toward knee-length lace skirts this season, the colour can blend with the colours of the blouse or you can choose a skirt of different colour, but it has to come from the same palette. This combination will give you a very attractive look.


In addition, the combination of lace skirt and blouse of different colours is considered to be very fashionable. you can also wear a lace blouse on a pair of jeans or you can match your lace fabric with Ankara sequined material to create a beautiful trendy blouse or dress. 

Cord lace material styles


Cord lace or Guipure are pretty popular among African women. Cord lace goes perfectly with almost any other fabrics. It looks amazing on any type of figure, so that's why it has a very high price. But as long as you can get a gorgeous style for the fabric, you won't regret it.

Dry lace material styles


Of course, the lace fabric dresses are extremely popular types of dresses. Smooth texture, feminine silhouette and their easy flow qualities make lace fabrics the most preferred choice for weddings, birthdays, meetings with friends and other social events. 

Color block dress


Color block is a fashion trend that requires combination of two contrasting colors in a single outfit. You can try an infinite variety of combinations mixing different colors. Don't be afraid to experiment ladies! 

Mermaid tail dress 


Mermaid tail dress is a dress which shapes your figure and has a more extended bottom. Mermaid dresses are celebrities' most popular red carpet style. So, you make no mistake if you bet your last fabric on it. 

Peplum dress


Peplum dress has a very beautiful silhouette and looks great on any figure. Many of the latest short lace dresses are styled to make the upper part of the dress look like a peplum top. But, if you prefer the classic style, choose a floor-length peplum dress. 

Aso ebi style for lace material 


Aso ebi is considered to be the a form of uniform fabric worn for celebrations and ceremonies. African women often wear this type of dress during formal and social events. Aso ebi can either be ankara, lace or any other African print fabrics, but nothing beats lace facbric aso ebi. Additionally, the African women can pick up some gorgeous and bright accessories to complement their outfit. Some earrings or nice jewelry will make you look adorable. 


However, if you don't follow the latest style trends and stay indifferent to fashion trends, you will love these gorgeous lace designs of aso ebi. You can combine them with different types of fabrics, and usually women prefer Ankara, lace or velvet. As you can see, the options for lace style are just countless. Try on one lace outfit, and it might be exactly what is missing in your wardrobe! 



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