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Transfer Printing Fabric Characteristics

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Transfer printing fabric refers to the needle textile as a carrier of the printing technology, wet method, dry method, steam method, vacuum method, thermal method and other forms. Here we take a look at the characteristics of transfer printing fabric.

Transfer printing fabric features:

  (1) transfer printing fabric pattern with a vivid pattern, rich and clear layers, detailed patterns, artistic high, three-dimensional sense of strong and so on.

  (2) transfer printing fabric does not exist environmental pollution problems. As a result of dry processing, without washing, steaming, drying and other processes, so no waste and waste water discharge, and the fabric itself is very environmentally friendly and healthy.

  (3) transfer the printing fabric of the dye below 210 ℃ sublimation, fixed on the fiber, and can get good washing fastness and ironing fastness.

  (4) transfer printing fabric dyes with bright, bright color.

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