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Velvet Lace Is In Fashion

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Nowadays, velvet element is always leading fashion. She has been taken into new products by many brands.


The girl in the photo is named Sichun, Ma, a beautiful actress in China, wearing the new styles on Fendi 2016 to 

attend the Milan Fashion Week in 2016.



The velvet dress appears her a charming mature one, and the flower in the front add lovely on the whole.


Velvet is almost magic in gown. She is like an elegant lady in female dressing, putting attractive and charming into 

appearance. At the same time, he is also a gentleman, showing gorgeous and taste on male.



The man on the above picture called Yifeng, Li, a famous actor in China, was invited to Ralph Lauren Show 2018 in 

New York . He put on the purple velvet suit, having everyone’s attention in the show.


As known, lace is considered as a symbol of noble as well. So, what it will be lace with velvet ?

I have to admit--that is the most exquisite and fantastic!


Both of them are the elegance, the joint of them bring more effect than twice, fashion & warmth have been taken into account.


Luckily, the velvet lace fabric are providing by Hangzhou Dobest Lace Co., Ltd. It is an 

experienced manufacturer in Hangzhou, China. Directly providing high quality at a cheap


Please kindly take the  following link on our velvet lace product for reference. 


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