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Water Soluble Lace Fabric Highlights Unique Temperament

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Water soluble lace is a major category of embroidery lace, it uses viscose filament embroidery line, with computer embroidery embroidery in water-soluble non-woven fabric, by hot water treatment so that the bottom cloth dissolved, you can leave the three-dimensional strong lace. Water soluble lace can be tailored to the needs of the special shape, welcomed by the designer.

The water-soluble lace is widely used in various social suits for its exquisite, delicate and transparent performance characteristics. Because of its exquisite production luxury, at first it was only royalty nobility luxury. With the invention of machinery, water soluble lace is widely used in both formal dresses and everyday casual clothes. Therefore, water soluble lace can be produced in large quantities. As the ancient traditional handicraft technology, lace can be used to the clothing fabric to produce contrast, coordination, unity, change and other decorative very strong visual effects, so, water soluble lace as the material elements of clothing design has aroused the designer's growing concern and affection.

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