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What Are The Applications Of Lace Fabrics In Different Styles Of Garments?

- May 14, 2018 -

One, professional style and lace fabric

The professional style comes from the fast-paced life of modern society, which is becoming more and more commercialized. Steady and dry design style is the main keynote. It combines multiple design concepts of relaxed elegance, open-minded health, fashion self-cultivation and exquisite taste.

Two, fashion style and lace lace

As one of the classic materials, lace is often mixed up in avant-garde fashion works. The alternative and bold pattern of flower pattern lace decoration in the most prominent position in the clothing or special sensitive parts to create a unique beauty of women, such as in the chest and buttocks to make direct use of lace, this looming hollowing effect, showing unrestrained but feminine artistic temperament.

Three, simple style and lace

As a fashion style, minimalism did not become fashionable until 1990s. The modeling language is concise and pure, and the garment profile becomes the most basic geometric form. The color is pure to the original primary color, and the space is compressed to the lowest two-dimensional form. When the content of a garment is reduced to a minimum, the perfect feeling that it emanates is unassailable. When all the parts and details of the object are reduced or compressed to the essence, it will be intriguing.

Four, leisure style and lace lace

Casual style clothing is a casual dress for people to relax, travel, go to the streets and wear. Lace in the leisure style of the appearance rate is not many, but there is also no lack of personalized innovative casual wear lace decoration effect. The flower type is simple and mysterious, very sexy, but it seems to be unable to hook any of your desires. Abstract flowers and lace with straight lines, fashion sense and delicacy are improved.

Briefly introduce the application of lace lace fabric in different clothing styles, Le Chen textile, for the year, for the new type of flower type, the quality is more bar, for designers to provide a lot of inspiration!

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