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What Are The Characteristics Of Lace Fabric?

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Lace fabric is usually refers to the embroidery fabric, also known as embroidered fabric; lace fabric is usually used as accessories in the clothing used, because it has a fine craftsmanship of luxury and embodies the romantic atmosphere of the characteristics, now as the main The frequency of the material has gradually increased. Generally used in the small tail or straight body style, cover the other fabric above, can reflect the exquisite body of women. If the lace fabric as accessories, you can use in any style.

   Lace fabric according to its type characteristics can be divided into elastic lace fabric and non-elastic lace fabric, collectively referred to as lace fabric. The main components of the lace fabric are: spandex and nylon; (usually the proportion of spandex 10% + nylon 90%). And no bomb lace fabric composition: 100% nylon; this fabric can be stained with a single color. If it is 100% polyester for the material; this fabric can be a single color. If it is to 85% cotton + 15% nylon; then this fabric can be a single color; if it is 65% nylon +35 polyester. This fabric can be dyed two colors, that is, two stained color.

   Lace fabric use is very wide, you can cover the whole textile industry, all the jealousy can add some beautiful lace elements. Even if the multi-storey design will not feel very heavy, thin reason will give people a cool feeling, and this design is biased in favor of sweet! Lace fabric due to material quality and light through Through, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, is widely used in women's personal clothing.

   Lace fabric suitable style generally used in straight or with a small tail of the style, cover the other fabric above, can reflect the bride's exquisite figure, if used as accessories, any style is available. Roughly the price of foreign countries, especially the French lace price is high, domestic lace on the much cheaper, the overall price is also moderate or partial.


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