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What Dyestuffs For Dyed Polyester Fabric

- Jun 05, 2018 -

What dyestuffs are used for dyed polyester fabric? Polyester fabric dyed disperse dyes, polyester or polyester, the full name polyethylene terephthalate, is an organic synthetic fiber which has no hydrophilicity at all. Therefore, the traditional water-soluble dyes such as direct, acidic and reactive dyes can not be adsorbed onto such hydrophobic fibers, and they can not be dyed. And the reductive and vulcanized dyes can not penetrate into the high crystalline and dense polyester macromolecules, because the molecules are huge and the molecules are also larger.

The disperse dye is a small molecular pigment with no water-soluble group. It has a good affinity with the hydrophobic polyester fiber, and the molecule is small. It can take the opportunity to "drill" into the crevice of polyester fiber under the condition that the polyester fiber is inflated under the influence of high temperature. So, the polyester fiber can only be used to make polyester fiber. Dye the color.

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