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What Is Organza Lace

- Mar 21, 2018 -

What Is Organza Lace

While there are some great ways to infuse the home and wardrobe with a sense of luxury, few of them can equal the use of organza. As a sheer fabric that provides a look and feel that is similar to silk, many forms are actually made with silk filaments. Here is some background on its production, as well as some of the ways that it is commonly used.


Originally a lightweight silk fabric, organza is a plain weave that is created using nylon, polyester, and silk or a blend of any of the three. The loose weave of the filaments allows the production to result in sections of cloth that are translucent in nature. A slightly looser variation on the weave will result in sheer looking fabric.

DB0308-Turquoise blue.jpg 

Fabric produced in Bestlace often uses a mixture of 

nylon and polyester to create usable organza that is both cost effective and smooth to the touch.


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