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What Is Stereoscopic Embroidery How To Embroider

- May 29, 2018 -

What is stereoscopic embroidery? How do stereoscopic embroidery be embroidered? Three-dimensional embroidery belongs to a kind of embroidery, as its name implies is to use the embroidery thread to wrap EVA glue in the inside and form a stereoscopic effect pattern. 3D three-dimensional embroidery is the use of foam to embroider, making the embroidery stamp (embroidery) appear to have a three-dimensional sense of embroidery method, according to the design steps, according to the design requirements of the three-dimensional embroidery drawings to express or embody A DIY embroidery of the object stereoscopic effect. Three-dimensional embroidery and cross stitch two kinds of DIY embroidery, the biggest difference is that cross stitch is a kind of flat hand embroidery, and three-dimensional embroidery is a three-dimensional concept, so the three-dimensional embroidery is on the basis of the continuation of cross stitch on the basis of sublimation. The three-dimensional embroidery has a stronger stereo vision enjoyment; a more aesthetic home decoration effect; a more elegant and more humane gift, DIY boutique.


Stereoscopic embroidery

The three-dimensional embroidery has its own special drawings! The specific embroidery method should be based on the requirements of cross stitch drawing, and the drawings are very clear about Cross Stitch drawing. What needles for specific embroidery parts are used, and a few strands are marked. As the inspiration of stereoscopic embroidery originated from cross stitch, it is developed on the basis of cross stitch, so cross stitch will be basically stereoscopic embroidery; stereoscopic embroidery has ten kinds of needlework, most of the needles are similar to cross stitch and cross stitch; the computer embroidery machine for three-dimensional embroidery is as simple as plane embroidery, full embroidery and cloth embroidery, line box It can also be used for stereoscopic embroidery.

Three dimensional embroidery can be used for many occasions, such as: home furnishings, decorations, furnishings and so on. At the same time, it can also entertain itself and reflect the true personality style. Three dimensional embroidery is a kind of three-dimensional embroidery fabric, which is widely used in leather, hats and sports shoes. Such as the use of common embroidery and 3D embroidery.

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