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What Kind Of Cloth Is The Embroidered Bottom Cloth?

- Feb 25, 2018 -

What kind of cloth is the embroidered bottom cloth? What kind of fabric do embroiders use? Though basically embroidered on almost all materials, you can let embroidery needles pass through, but the type of cloth you choose is the important factor to decide the final product's effect. According to the cloth you choose, the result may be a success or a complete failure.

Not any flower type can have good performance on any cloth. For example, a very dense pattern in a thick cloth embroidered very well, but if the thin cloth, even if you were on the machine will be very good, wrinkling and tearing.


It is also important to choose the right embroidered liners and to choose the right material. For example, when knitted fabric is embroidered, it will stretch or relax its shape due to its own elasticity, but the use of knitted fabric and suitable embroidery bottom lining and linings will improve the effect of embroidery.

Some of the cloth is not suitable for embroidery. The best way to determine whether a kind of cloth is embroidered and friendly is to try and embroider first.

A lot of cloth can not be stretched in the traditional embroidered bandage, but it can still be embroidered without a bandage. In short, no embroidery stitch (stitch embroidery) should first be taut a bottom lining, and then paste the embroidered fabric on a good bottom lining, and then start embroidery. No stitch (stitch embroidery) is recommended for embroidery with large, thick, thick cloth.

We also notice that many of our customers ask us what kind of fabric is suitable for embroidery machine cross stitch. In fact, the choice is very wide. We usually love with thick linen and cotton blended cloth, this is because the cloth will not have too big deformation, and show the outside is not very fine and will not affect the cross stitch type. Twill and canvas can also be used successfully. If you think the canvas is too thick with embroidery, you can start with a bottom lining, paste the canvas and then embroider.


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