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What Kind Of Cloth Is Used For Embroidery

- Jun 14, 2018 -

What kind of cloth is used for embroidery

What kind of fabric do embroidery usually use? The origin of embroidery in China has a long history. The documents are recorded in Yu Shun. Archaeological excavated relics are only found in Shang and Zhou dynasties. The original embroidery was used for ornamental clothes, with the function of the political auxiliary tools, and then gradually expanded to beautify the life and popularize the folk. As for the artistry of embroidery, it has different characteristics along with the development stage.

From the type of cloth, embroidery needs to be used in these three species, plant fiber cloth, animal fiber cloth and chemical fiber cloth.

What kind of cloth embroidery fabric is commonly used for embroidery

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1. plant fiber cloth

Plant fiber cloth is what we usually call all kinds of pure cotton, linen and cotton linen fabric. Generally soft, light cotton cloth, suitable for making all kinds of small face towel, handkerchief, bread towel, small napkin and so on. The thicker, crisp cotton cloth is suitable for making large tablecloths, bedspreads, fridge cloth and pillow bags.

2. animal fiber cloth

Animal fiber cloth includes silk, soft satin, fancy yarn, cashmere, flannel, woolen woolen cloth, etc. Silk satin is usually used for bedclothes like high-grade pajamas, wedding dresses and so on, embroidered with pure silk thread.

3. fiber cloth

Chemical fiber cloth because of its low melting point, unlike cotton, linen, wool material, such as high temperature resistance, so chemical fiber cloth is best not cotton thread, silk embroidery. Chemical fiber cloth is more suitable for machine embroidery or ribbon embroidery, bead embroidery, sequins embroidery and so on.

The types of embroidered lines are as well as the types of cloth, including pure cotton fine embroidery thread, pure cotton embroidery thread, joint stock line, linen wire, real silk thread, machine embroidery line, wool wire, gold and silver line, chemical fiber line, etc. Among them, YISHION cotton embroidery thread is the mainstream embroidery thread and has the most extensive use.

Like the line, the choice of the needle should not be ignored. When choosing embroidery needles, pay special attention to the two ends of the needle, that is, "needle nose" and "needle point". The needle should be oval, so the needle and nose will not bite the thread. If the nose is rectangular or sharp, it is easy to bite the line, that is, it is easy to cut off the line. The thinner the needle is, the better the better.

The scissors used for embroidery are also classified. If the scissors of scissors are cut, the scissors should be upwarped. Such scissors should avoid cutting needles and embroidering flowers when cutting needles. And the scissors used to engraving and drawing silk, the cutting tips should be sharp and sharp. It is best to choose a good scissors with a steel mouth, because such scissors can be used repeatedly and sharper more sharpened. This is the scissors with simple thread cutting, and the steel mouth is very convenient to use.

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