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Which Embroidery Thread Is Used Well? What Kinds Of Embroidery Lines Are Used In Common Use

- Mar 01, 2018 -

What kind of embroidery line is available? What kinds of embroidery lines are there commonly? Embroidery thread usually has the following kinds: artificial silk embroidery thread, polyester computer embroidery line, cotton computer embroidery line, gold and silver wire and flash line, silk computer embroidery thread and so on. There are many kinds of embroidery lines. Because different lines can be combined to create a complete picture. How much do you know about embroidery lines? Let's introduce Xiaobian to embroidery embroidery.

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(1) fine embroidered cotton line

Fine pure cotton embroidery thread is composed of single ply twist yarn, there are about 40 colors, and each color from shallow to deep about 6~9 levels. It can be used in cotton ply, thin base cloth rough on embroidery should pay attention to use ply embroidery, embroidery or pattern is easy and open at the end of foaming cloth, not smooth.

(2) pure cotton thread

Pure cotton coarse embroidery thread consists of 3 ply twist yarn, color is less, and each color of the color is 3~5, generally do not use stock is up, two ply use. It is suitable for embroidery on linen cloth and bottom cloth.


(3) share line

The share line is mostly imported and embroidered abroad, which is composed of 6 strands. The line is glossy, color is also very elegant, each color contains ash components, such as gray green, gray and gray powder, etc.. Ply imported lines most suitable for painting, painting, embroidery yarn.

(4) embroidery line

Embroidery line name is used in sewing machine on the line, is very resilient, very strong, not easy to break, in the sewing machine on the use of good results. This line is not suitable for hand embroidery, because it contains talcum powder and pulp components, manual embroidery is easy to kill knot, and the affinity between embroidery thread and cloth is poor. Embroidery thread is not easy to be smoothed when embroidery.

(5) true silk thread

True silk line is a special kind of embroidery line in the south of our country. Like our ink painting, it is only in China. Suitable for silk satin, silk embroidery in soft cloth, also can do double-sided embroidery on silk in the glass. With the silk thread embroidered animal, its unique gloss shows the animal's fur effect is excellent.

(6) wool

It generally suitable for the petit point, fine wool, coarse lines, coarse twine, twine points. Attention should be made to the use of rough twisting lines or joint stranding lines on thick fabric.

(7) the gold and silver lines

The gold and silver lines are generally suitable for making plate gold embroidery and diamond embroidery. Because of the crisp texture of the gold and silver lines, it is not suitable for the use of more complex needlework.

(8) ribbon

The ribbon is a very fine colored tape of a machine. Suitable for use in a coarse cloth thick and coarse, can also be mixed embroidery thread and use, the effect is very good. If there is a series of beads and embroidery, the effect of the picture will be more colorful.

(9) Polyester Embroidered line

The characteristics of polyester embroidery thread is able to withstand chemicals and often laundry for washing clothes, reduce fade and fade, so a lot of hotel uniforms, and some stone blue jeans, sportswear and some children's clothing are made of polyester filament. In general, polyester thread than rayon embroidery thread stronger and higher strength. When embroidery, polyester thread embroidery machine can withstand higher tension, can make the machine run faster; and the fire is very high, even if the pet is not easy to fire close to the flame.

The yarn of polyester filament is not as stable as rayon, because the composition is polyester fiber, so it will be more elastic. We can cut off a rayon thread to do the test, use a little pull force, then let go, we will find that the embroidery thread does not how to shrink; on the contrary, in the same way to pull the polyester yarn, once released, will restore the original polyester line length, so have the opportunity to spend to fold, so the tension in the embroidery thread adjust the settings, the need for more accurate.

(10) rayon embroidery thread

The differences of yarn and polyester embroidery rayon embroidery is very small, the former has the advantage of color selection more and more close to nature, in addition, the stability of rayon is higher than polyester thread, even after moving pull embroidery machine, no significant contraction.

The type of small embroidery thread has been finished, a total of ten species, though not many, but still looks quite complicated quite well, in fact, many people nowadays are not clear what is the difference between the embroidery thread and ordinary type line, watching the small as we explain the embroidery thread, we have without a preliminary concept? Embroidery line and ordinary line is different, and many species.


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