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Which Kind Of Pure Silk Fabric Is Better?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

To say this question, for I am a new to real silk fabrics rookie, some are really hard to answer, because I can't use a professional term to expound the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of silk fabrics, and then compare it is concluded that the fabrics of the so-called good or bad. Just over a month of practical experience.

All kinds of fabrics have different USES. If you choose the right fabric and use it for the right purpose, you will have an unexpected effect.

For example, silk fabrics can be used for clothing, bedding, curtains But in general, it's clothing.

If only from the dress experience:

1. The crepe satin has always been very by people like fabrics, wear in the summer will be very comfortable, lightsome breathe freely, very comfortable, and because of the special material, silk feel basis of can make a big effect.

Plain crepe satin is not too thick on its own, nor does it need a Garry lining.

Plain crepe satin is suitable for making qipao, dress, shirt, summer trousers and jumpsuits.

This kind of fabric is made of crepe on both sides, so it is called double crepe. It has the characteristics of pure silk. Double crepe words 16mm a layer just does not penetrate, again downwards word can some penetrate.

The most common use of crepe DE chine is to make clothes. It is not recommended to make pajamas and bed products

3. Habotai shading sex is very good, habotai burnish is darker than crepe satin, so don't like the style of crepe satin so bright can use habotai to replace, but are better than pure silk georgette shading sex.

Habotai can do clothing outside, with 15 meters, can also do the clothing lining 8 meters, 6 meters, also can make the scarf is also a lot of sleeping bag or bed is tasted lining choice, habotai also used to cha precision instruments, is the tiger balm in the fabric.

The skirt made of georgette is so light and elegant that it will have the feeling of "fairy" that many mori girls like. Of course, it needs lining.

Joe its main use is to do the scarf, especially 8 meters georgette, very suitable for silk fabric, can also be used for clothes, but is typically two levels necessary to add a lining, Joe can also be used to do the pants.

5. Stretch satin crepe satin with the only difference is added 6% spandex, so has certain elasticity, wear cultivate one's morality, if you like this kind of style can choose stretch satin, stretch satin also lightsome breathe freely, very comfortable.

6. Wearing experience: because the organza is made of silk, the quality of a material is relatively strong, generally will not direct contact with skin, organza dress shorter service life, and there is a crease can't remove, another is due to the relatively thin, so is more easy to wire drawing.

Organza can be used to cover the outside of a dress or add to the inside of a skirt to support the effect.

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